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For dessert last night, I had a S’more Pie AND an apple pie from McDonalds’…two pies in one day!

Advertisements and posters for the new S’more pie posters are everywhere and they got me so curious that I just had to try one for myself.

Right now you must be thinking McDonald’s desserts are obviously not smart food choices. Well, they aren’t the best food choices but I also don’t forbid myself to eating anything. I simply choose to eat healthy foods more often and selectively choose to have less of other foods. Hence, I didn’t gulf down two pies all by myself; I bought 2 pies and shared them with my family, so each of us took a piece from each pie. By doing so, we all got to taste both pies without overindulging.

We first tried the S’more pie. Opening the box, I saw the usual McDonald’s-style pie (which had always look more like a popover to me). The crust was not golden brown, which was expected, but still disappointing to see because it made the pie very visually unappealing. My brother took the first bite, revealing the pie filling which pretty much resembled what was shown on the promotion posters. My brother said it wasn’t nasty tasting. So then it was my turn to try.

The crust, as I expected, was like the typical McDonald’s food, bland and boring — doesn’t tasty terrible but not much flavour either, just bearable. The pie filling, however, offered a little surprise to me. The gooey chocolate and marshmallow filling gave me the melt-in-the-mouth sensation. The creamy, sweet chocolately taste really brought back fond memories of eating S’more crackers in the past.  That bite of the S’more pie really satisfied my craving for a S’more cracker. Although McDonalds obviously did a poor job presenting their S’more pie (the unattractive pie crust), kudos to them for successfully putting the soul of a S’more cracker into their S’more pie.

The apple pie was the second half of our dessert. Having tried the apple pie before, we knew what this apple pie would taste, but we just wanted to have it again and see how it compared to the S’more pie. Basically it had slightly soggy pie crust, with very sweet apple bits and a strong cinnamon flavour. It definitely isn’t the best apple pie in town, but because I have always enjoyed the flavour combination of cinnamon and apples, this was an acceptable apple pie dessert for me. It tasted less sweet than the S’more pie but compared  to the S’more pie that I had previous, the flavour of this apple pie was no match.

Make no mistake, McDonald’s is definitely not my place to go for desserts. But on this particular day, the S’more pie surprised me and satisfied my sweet tooth. So, I suppose, walking into McDonald’s and grabbing two baked pies once in a while is okay and it can have its place in a healthy lifestyle, because EVERYTHING IN MODERATION is the key principle to healthy eating!

Oh, just one more surprise for you…

If you have resisted the temptation to try the S’more pie and have chosen the apple pie instead thinking that you are making a healthier choice, then you may want to reconsider your decision. According to McDonald’s Nutrition Calculator,  the apple pie actually has 7% more calories and 2g more saturated fat than the S’more pie. What this basically translate to is that apples can be a healthier option than marshmallows and chocolates, but a pie filling made from apples does not automatically make it a healthier food item than pie filling made from chocolates and marshmallows.

The lesson: Sometimes you can get easily fooled to think certain foods are better than others, but that may not be true — so read food labels to be certain about what you are putting into your mouth (and avoid making food choices based on food claims, I find that they are more confusing, and sometimes more misleading, than they are helpful). Simply choose foods that you truly desire, but eat it in a reasonable amount!

Do you have a favourite S’more dessert recipe? Share it here!

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